Clickity Touch 'n Push By: Job Bautista

About this add-on

Clickity Touch 'n Push is a simple extension that adds a counter that can also be used as a Clicks-per-second test and a typing test*.

This add-on is compatible with every UXP application (except Borealis and Hyperbola UXP software, which I haven't tested yet), and is also functionally compatible with very old versions of Pale Moon, Firefox, and Thunderbird (from 6.0 to be exact). To use this add-on in Pale Moon and Basilisk, simply navigate to the Tools menu panel. You can also add a button (which is actually required if you want to use it in Interlink and SeaMonkey) on one of your application's toolbars. In the standalone version of Ambassador, a button is automatically added to your status bar after you install the add-on.

CTnP is for you if want to keep track of a count, test how fast you type*, or you're a Minecraft PvP tryhard.

*i.e. how many characters you can type per second. It can't count words per minute, sorry.


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Release Information
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Updated: February 15, 2021

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